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We gladly invite you to the annual KiSS Festival Sweden - Kizomba Semba Stockholm 5th edition, where you will experience wonderful, methodical and fun workshops with top international artists, exciting parties, shows, animations, taxi-dancers for her and for him, sauna, 40-hour social room for all, coziness and friendship.

Be on the lookout for promo codes and news about this thrilling event. We will post the festival schedule, confirm artists and bring you news about the world top Kizomba cruise on the Viking path from Stockholm (Sweden) to Riga (Latvia) across the gorgeous Baltic Sea.



The cruise is about 40hrs with two nights on board Isabelle and a day in Riga. Sauna, shop, dining room, tapas & wine section and the Chef´s kitchen among other goodies will be on offer for your enjoyment.

A cultural organization registered and based in Sweden. Its main goal is to share and promote the widely diverse African culture through dance and music. Kizomba and Semba are the basis of our current focus.

Festival Prices


Low Cost Pass

Cruise KiSS Experience

NB: Terms and conditions apply.


960 SEK


- 2 days of cruise (cabin included)

- 5 days of parties & social room

- Dancing in 2 countries, 2 cities

- Free Dancehall & Afro-house workshops



Cheap Workshop Pass

All KiSS Workshops Access

NB: Terms and conditions apply.


600 SEK

(Strictly limited and even leaders/followers passes)


- All workshops

- 5 days




Flamenco Center

KISS FESTIVAL NEWS | Februari 2, 2018


Flamenco Center, Stockholm


Every Tuesday at Flamenco Center, Torsgatan 8A, AfroDance Rhythm has its regular course and drop-in classes of Kizomba & Semba and Urban-Kiz for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers with social dancing afterwards. The classes are held by Mau & Madeleine and Romeo & Lanja , assisted occasionally by Hanna Gottlieb and Elin Svinghammar. The atmosphere at social is so cozy and friendly under a music spectrum that enchants your heart. Come judge by your self!


The crew is preparing to visit the Gotenburg's Sweden Kizomba Festival at the end of this month. From March 30 to April 2, AfroDance Rhythm invites you to the 1st edition of its yearly Urban-Kiz Weekend with a bootcamp by some of the top Urban-Kiz artists of the moment from Paris. The energy is reflected in the atmosphere and the vibe is morally admirable. If you are visiting Stockholm, please, come by and participate and get a pre-taste of what´s going to be pumped on our festival coming up at the beginning of this summer 2018.


To know more about upcoming events from AfroDance Rhythm, please check out our Facebook page to get exclusive information on our road to KiSS Festival Sweden 2018.

From Stockholm to Riga and back

In ancient time, the Vikings crossed the Baltic Sea in their search for wealth and knowledge.

Today, we are using the same path with the end of celebrating the cultural movement that is

reflected in Kizomba and Semba, with the most good intention we are working on festival to celebrate the summer.

We are going on a 40 hours cruise that departs from Stockholm to Riga with top world instructors, proficient in semba we have Cherry and Kani, Efy and Claudio. Urbankiz instructors are Davy and Leika, JP and Stehpy.

D&L Beats, DJ SMArt and DJ MUTATI and our taxidancers will keep you dancing to the break of dawn.

Just more then a regular festival

How exclusive to dance in 2 different countries and on a 40-hour cruise on the fabulous Baltic Sea! The festival starts on land in Stockholm (Sweden), then continues with this unique world Kizomba cruise. It arrives in Riga (Latvia) where you will social-dance, and ends back in Stockholm with 2 more happy days.


A very selected number of renown international and national instructors and DJs, each expert in their specialty, will ensure that you learn and joyfully dance the dance of your choice: Kizomba, Urban-Kiz, Semba, Tarraxinha, Afrobeat, Afro-House.


This is our fifth edition of the Kiss Festival, AfroDance Rhythm is a cultural organization based in Sweden. Its main goal is to share and promote the widely diverse African culture through dance and music.


Everything you need on board to rest your body after some long hours of joyful dances: cabins with 4 seperate beds to suites, with a double-bed and all the comfort of private breakfast you can dream of.


Have you ever been to a buffet with a really big variety of menus for vegetarian and non-vegetarian, with free wine, beer, juice and soft drink service and couldn't eat anymore? Join this truly world unique Kizomba cruise and experience for yourself.

KiSS Festival Sweden

Kizomba Semba Stockholm 2018

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AfroDance Rhythm is a cultural organization registered and based in Sweden. Its main goal is to share and promote the widely diverse African culture through dance and music.

Festival details


Start date: Friday the 1st of June


End date: Tuesday the 5th of June


Location: Stockholm, Sweden



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KiSS Festival - Stockholm, Sweden


Phone: +46 70 996 75 57

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